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2020 update, read on...

What an extraordinary year this is!

As with most creative organisations, Open Access Arts 2020 creative projects, have been impacted, by the arrival of COVID.

Just days away from our 2020 Shakespeare Globe collaboration, the Globe, along with all theatres, went dark.

There are however, green shoots, and at the time of writing, many theatre are now back open, with a mix of live events and on-line streaming.

We are travelling hopefully, with an aim to get back to the Globe for our amazing collaboration, in the not too distant future.

1000 Days - Film

Please see the Me and Thee Films section of the website for an update on our Suicide Awareness Film, 1000 Days, which is now complete.


Welcome to the new world! The lockdown and beyond…

Open Access Arts has been running Creative Connections via Zoom, a weekly creativity drop-in with games, creative writing, drama, and just a place to say hello.


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