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Hello you! Dementia-friendly creativity and...

So! It has been a busy time for us all at OAA. Updating the website (as always) is at the bottom of the list!

Fantastic news! We have been invited back to Katherine Low Settlement do deliver, a whole chunk more, of our 'Dementia-friendly reminiscence Workshops’

We have been welcomed as a Dementia Friend with the Alzheimer's Society and we are very keen to promote their amazing work.

Jeanette has been developing 'Hello you!' Our OAA Dementia-friendly creativity programme and helping out at the Dementia Sunflower Cafe in Guildford.

August sees us deliver our 'Holiday at Home Dementia-friendly drop-in' as part of the Holiday at Home event at the URC Guildford. See our Hello you! Section for more information.

Amanda has been doing even more studying at The Art House - Art in Therapy. Photo at the top of the post.

Jeanette did some training with Arts4Dementia and the Alzheimer's society.

Katie and Victoria are always busy!

At 'Me and Thee Films' we have been busying ourselves with the making of 'A helping hand…. ‘ A beautiful, wellness in nature, short film about Robins nesting in a broken garden pot and the fledging of the chicks. Currently submitted to British Wildlife Photography Awards. We will post it on the website, when we can


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