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Hello you!

In brief...

We have started to deliver our Hello you! Dementia Friendly Creativity at the Sunflower Cafe URC Guildford.

An enormously rich 90 minutes of sharing joy and creative expression.

Please see the Hello you! section of our website for details on how you can join us!

Tiny snapshot of the day here.....more to follow!

Thank you so much for your warm welcome today. Sue and I ( Michael) REALLY enjoyed being with you and seeing the pleasure your guests had in such a joyful atmosphere.

Other News...

We delivered our very special and creative two day 'Holiday at Home’ at the United Reformed Church Guildford, as part of a 'Holiday at Home’ event. You can see a fantastic video of our holiday adventures on the Hello you! section of the website...

A holiday retreat with, build a sandcastle, share a memory, paint a seaside picture, paint a shell, time-travel, laugh, tea chat and more...

You can watch a three minute snapshot on the 'Hello you' website page.

Jeanette has connected with and spent time at, the fabulous Memory Lane Cafe in Cranleigh. OAA we will be delivering a November workshop.

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Memory Lane is at Cranleigh Arts Centre welcomes anyone who may be feeling lonely and of course those experiencing dementia and their carers.

As well as workshop delivery and being a part-time Mermaid, Amanda is still doing yet more study at The Art House - Art in Therapy and also undertaken some additional dementia workshop training.

We do like on-going personal and professional development.

When not delivering workshops, administrating OAA or forming new working partnership, Jeanette spends a lot of her time in Charity Shops!

Tracking down random items for crafting and creativity as well as the more traditional beads, bobbins and nuts and bolts!

It’s amazing what you can create with a little sprinkle of OAA magic.


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