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Open Access Arts back at The Globe Theatre

'And let us...on your imaginary forces work' Henry V, Prologue Open Access Arts are delighted to be invited back for their second collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe. In a series of drama/creative play workshops over five sessions, we look at Shakespeare’s work and parallels in stories in our own lives. We explore our lived experience, using drama, art, play and creative writing and often a re-framing of our own narrative. Each workshop has access to the main stage. Participants are invited to do a written response to their chosen Shakespeare text and collage art responses were also created: some of these are part of todays sharing. We are working across organisations including: St Mungo’s, The Clement James Centre, SLAM, The Harbour, WCDAS | Wandsworth Consortium and Globe workshop participants, with many identifying as socially excluded, and with a range of access and support needs. For the period of our time together we become a ‘ creative company’ with a name chosen by the participants: this year our company is ‘A Kind of Shakespeare’

Globe Audience Review!

Hi Jeanette,

I thought it was fantastic. The group were so moving and funny! I loved the use of their own languages - as the words became theirs. They were so themselves on the stage which seemed to fit perfectly with the aspect of the Globe that is a democratic interactive space. And their emotional force was affecting. All had a very distinctive power. You did a great job.

It uplifted me and set me up for the day as I headed off to work. Please pass my congratulations to the group.

"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing." (Troilus and Cressida)

xx Rob

I guess this one says something about what I felt you all brought through your engagement with Shakespeare. And that is very relevant to mental health.

Thanks again.

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