Me And Thee Films

Jeanette and Ron came together in February 2015 and formed ME and THEE FILMS to make bold and unique films combining their many years of creativity and talent. 

Jeanette Rourke is an Actor, Writer, Director and Film Maker. Her first independent short film, ‘And you are?’ written and directed by Jeanette has been  screened internationally, at over twenty festivals, and nominated for multiple awards. For more information about Jeanette click here.

Ron Bambridge is a multi award winning photographer and now film maker, based in London, and a partner of Open Access Arts. His work has appeared in many books, as well as having his own books publish, including one on Detroit, a personal documentary style series on the downturn and abandonment of the city. He received the award of, Best Photographer, in the Association of Photographers Open Awards for his Detroit photography. Visit his website.

602020 Film

Are you a Women celebrating your 60th Birthday in 2020? 


Then, you are invited to join, award winning film makers,

Me and Thee Films, for the 602020 Film Project. 


We want to hear from YOU. Interested? Then please watch this short How To film and Download our Info Pack.


Once you have watched the film then WeTransfer your TWO MINUTE film to


Thank you!

Watch How To Video

A Thousand Days  

Suicide Awareness Film and ‘Assist’ tool kit.


In my capacity as a film maker I have been approached by Sangeeta Mahajan to make a film, to help raise awareness around the loss of life to suicide. In fact, I met Sangeeta at the Ortus, where she spoke to me about her only son Saagar, who lost his life to suicide in 2014. On the day of his death Sangeeta started to write a blog which she wrote daily for a thousand days. Sangeeta is  a consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and is now at the fore of raising awareness around the loss of life to suicide. Read the blog here.

Just days away from our premier screening, at Clapham Picture House, all cinemas in the UK, went dark. 

Once reopened, we had hoped to re-schedule, but sadly, Clapham Picture House, is now closed again for an extended period. They are an amazing team over there and we wish them all well.

A very small private previews, for just fourteen, including the film makers and Sangeeta, is set for December 2020.

There are plans beyond that, for film festivals and other screenings, so please check back for updates.

A huge thank you, to all those that supported this film.

Recovery Street Film Festival

Prize winning film making


This year, the Recovery Street Film Festival included two films from Open Access Arts. Films were submitted from across the UK and ten were selected for the festival and a premier at the Curzon Cinema in Soho, London. We were delighted that Karen's Story was awarded 2nd prize. Watch out two entries here.

Watch Stories of Hope & Recovery here
Watch Karen's Story here

Open Access Arts Crystal Palace Festival 2018

Open Access Arts were commissioned to take their ‘pop up sofa’ to the festival and capture Crystal Place living history. You can watch the film here. 

Watch Sofa Stories here

And you are?

Written and Directed by Jeanette Rourke 


An abstract short about the loss of our treasured memories. A story inspired by Kitty (Jeanette’s Mum) and the ravages of her Alzheimers. 


Screened  at over twenty international festivals; Winner of Best Experimental Short at the Big as Texas Film Festival 2016; Screening Medal SOFIE awards Broadway New York; Nominated 2017 Limelight Awards


Watch And You Are? trailer

And you are…gone

Written and Directed by Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge 

Working with black and white imagery and exploring how the camera reads the mind, and you are gone, is a bold and exquisite experimental silent short film. A story about a daughter's journey, reliving past memories, in a time and place her Mother had loved, whilst saying goodbye.


A commissioned short film by Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge premiered at Clapham Picture House 2016.



Lily’s swan song - A life in the circus is captured in the circus tent, where Lilly worked lived and loved. We trace a life-time of memories of the “little circus girl”. This film was made ‘in response’ to a circus theatre project, with the original film narrative by Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge and original music and lyrics by Anna Dwyer. In a bonus feature, the film makers also capture all the behind the scenes action in a funny and informative snap-shot of how to make a ‘hand produced’ film.

Watch Lily and The Making of Lily



Taken from a stage play written by Jeanette Rourke: ME and THEE FILMS work in progress. 

Wellbeing Day Documentary


A film that captures the stories of the Wellbeing Day, shot over the last months and telling stories of how lives are changed by access to creativity, wellbeing and cup of tea! My film-making partner and I have self funded this project.

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