Friends of the flamingo

Here are a few of our friends and collaborators.

Lots more on the way...

Charles Bland

Without Charles, Open Access Arts and the flamingo may not have taken flight. His encouragement, support, knowledge, experience, generosity of spirit, humanity and humour have been invaluable. Thank you Charles, from the Flamingo and us all!   Charles has held trustee and advisory roles in a number of charities and is currently chair of Lepra, a medical charity working in South Asia and East Africa. He has also been involved in community arts development. In 2017 he retired from a career in the oil and gas industry, mainly focussed in BG Group, a UK-based international exploration company where he led a political risk, government relations, corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Before this he had a 20-year career in the UK Civil Service. Other roles include co-chair of the Kazakhstan Britain Trade and Industry Council, co-chair of the Egypt Britain Business Council and a Council Member for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Jenny has had a successful career teaching children through the medium of music and drama. She is enthusiastic about giving all people the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. Jenny believes that communication through music, drama and art is essential for the wellbeing of everyone but especially the most vulnerable in our society.

Jenny Costello
Alan Costello

Alan has spent most of his career working with people who deserve at least a second chance at success. He has supported individuals in their training and development and their completion of National Vocational Qualifications. He is currently involved with a range of charities supporting vulnerable people.

Richard Costello

Richard is an actor and musician with extensive experience of high profile, commercial productions, low budget, fringe and self-starter projects across music, theatre, tv and film. He has a particular interest in how performance works in terms of therapeutic benefits.

Some Of Those We Have Worked With

Shakespeare Globe

St Mungo’s

Outside Edge Theatre Company

Omnibus Theatre

Playing ON Theatre Company


National Autistic Society

Critical Stage Company and Only Connect

Raging Calm Productions

Lambeth Drugs and Alcohol Services

Wandsworth Recovery and Outreach Team

and many more…