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Shakespeare's Globe Invitation

On 8 January we ran our first workshop as part of a new collaboration between Open Access Arts, St Mungo’s and The Clement James Centre.

This Coming Monday Feb 26 is our final performance on the main stage at Shakespeare’s Globe when we will share the work we have explored and created.

The Globe engages directly with 1,25 million people and in addition with more than 5 million digitally.

The photo and content below is taken from the Shakespeare's Globe blog.

The Shakes-peers Collective: A Globe for Us ALL

On 8 January we ran our first workshop as part of a new collaboration with Open Access Arts, St Mungo’s and The Clement James Centre. The Shakes-peers Collective is made up of 16 individuals - many identifying as socially excluded and with a range of access and support needs.

We will be facilitating four sessions over the coming months and these are co-led by a Shakespeare’s Globe Education Practitioner and the Open Access Arts Team. Using Shakespeare’s plays as inspiration, the company have been exploring the connection between themselves, each other, our words and our spaces.

In session one, this incredibly talented and diverse group dived straight into a workshop. Along with actor Beru Tessera, and Jeanette Rourke, Amanda Bass and Victoria Latham Kelly (project leaders from Open Access Arts) the group looked at Shakespeare’s words and stories in their original context and a contemporary setting.

At the end of the session, the group wrote a collective poem to express how their time together had been. We wanted to share it with you:

You are amazing. I am privileged to have spent time with you A group that is filled with joy Happy Fun A room full of sparkle I am so moved by everyone’s power and confidence! WONDERFUL! Feel it, give yourself to it. Don’t fear. Accept yourself for once. It’s time. I feel the energy vibrating in the room STRONG I will express myself to the fullest Wow! The power of the stage To release, to forget oneself, and smile. As an opened Forget-Me-Not Shakespeare has filled my heart and spread his seed again. Beautiful relief to be breathing hopeful in the creative company of others Transformation by simple means. Releasing my inner power to motivate my confidence. Wonderful feeling and blessed to break through. It is amazing to be here Empowering. The floorboards are mine. They didn’t creak, or did they moan. I stood, I looked. I acknowledged the space. You’re mine It was beautiful to be in Shakespeare’s spirit

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