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We work to create a safe, non-judgemental environment, of mutual support and respect for all, to empower individuals & communities to find their voice.




With lots of groovy, socially inclusive creative projects.

Focusing on creativity and wellbeing. Often working with lived experience for the young and the not so young.

Challenging life-limiting beliefs and helping us all, to a kinder and more creative way of being.




NEWS! FROM JUNE 2024 Join us at The Guildford Institute for dementia friendly creativity and kindness.


See some of our other empowering work?

Watch our wonderful project in collaboration with Shakespeare's Globe.




We work not-for-profit and are registered with the Charities Aid Foundation accepting donations from Charitable Trusts. This is just one stream of funding. If you would like to support our work please get in touch.

Our recent focus has been on developing and delivering:

Hello you! An 'in-house' designed programme, crammed packed full of Dementia-friendly creativity.

Please see the Hello you! section of our website.





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A few of our adventures.....

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Me and thee films

Jeanette Rourke and Ron Bambridge came together in February 2015 and formed ME And THEE FILMS.


Making bold and unique films combining their many years of creativity and talent. 

Click through to Me And Thee Films to find out more.

Me and Thee Films
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