The ethos of Open Access Arts is to create a safe, non judgemental environment, of mutual support and respect for all, to empower individuals & communities to find their voice. 


How? With lots of groovy, socially inclusive creative projects, such as Wellbeing Days focusing on creativity and wellbeing. Workshops for all, often working with lived experience, and for the young and the not so young. The driving concern at Open Access Arts is to facilitate individuals, groups, and communities to come together to achieve positive change, using their own knowledge, skills and lived experience of issues they encounter in their own lives. Challenging life-limiting beliefs, educating and empowering communities and individuals and bringing people to a kinder and more creative way of being. We also deliver training for large and small organisations/institutions on how to work with socially excluded groups. Oh and we also make films. Take a look around and maybe say hello! 

Training and Playing
Me and Thee Films