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What We Do

Our track record of workshops clearly marks the difference made to people’s lives by engaging in empowering self-expressive work as a group.

Growing confidence and self-esteem by transforming negative experience into positive outcomes. Building teamwork and leadership and increasing employability and social skills. Giving participants a real sense of pride and achievement.

Here is just one example of a co-produced project set up and facilitated by Open Access Arts in partnership with Shakespeare's Globe.

How we work?

We provide experienced creative facilitators to work with participants in workshops that explore their lived experience, with many around addiction, mental health and isolation. We aim to stimulate their ideas using drama, music, story telling, creative writing and play. Developing their ideas and skills in a safe and fun learning environment. Workshops are structured around team-work, motivation and participation. Projects can be 'stand alone’ or lead to in-house sharing, theatre productions, films and more!

Our recent focus has been on developing and delivering:

Hello you! An 'in-house' designed programme, crammed packed full ,of of Dementia-friendly creativity.

Please see the Hello you! section of our website to watch our mini-movie and find out more.


And we do much more.......

1000 Days Poster.jpg

This workshop is in collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe, but you don’t need a theatre to work with us.
As well as theatres large and small: we have worked in community spaces, old schools, hospitals, open air and even on a London river cruiser!

So, why not say hello!

'1000 DAYS' Twenty film festivals

Eight international award.

Opening hearts and minds all over the world.

You are welcome if you're single, married, divorced, widowed, gay, confused, filthy rich, comfortably off or dirt poor.


We extend you a special welcome if you're a teenager who's growing up too fast or an OAP who still hasn't grown up at all.

You'll be welcome if you're 'just looking,' 'just got out of bed' or 'just got out of prison.'​

If you think the earth is flat, work too much, don't work or just want a break from the in-laws, you're welcome too.

We don't care if you've spent more time 'treading the boards' than Dame Judi, or you were trodden on by your best friend, Julie for looking bored in your school play aged 7.


We welcome you if you can sing like Pavarotti or if opera drives you dotty.

You're welcome if you've got wailing babies or tear away toddlers.


You're welcome if you're in recovery or still addicted.

We welcome you if you're having troubles and your head's full of muddles.


We welcome keep-fit mums, keep-fat dads, tree huggers, vegetarians and nuns.


You're welcome if you don't like 'arty-farty, namby-pamby, luvvie-darling, cheeky-kissy nonsense. We don't like it either.

We welcome seekers, sinners, the lost, the brave, any cast and any crew. Everybody is welcome here and the one who's most welcome is you.


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