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2017 Update

Open Access Arts closed the year delivering our socially inclusion training to Shakespeare’s Globe and given the feed back it seems it was vey well received

"One of the best training sessions we have had. It was fantastic. What else do you do, do you do other training? “

"The tone of the session was fantastic. It was varied - well paced and a good mix of listening and interactive activity to keep me engaged throughout”

“It's such an incredible process and amazing to learn all about. To also simply learn more about others and take on their stories is so imaginative and a fantastic experience.”

We deliver our first socially inclusive workshop with the Globe, for service users, Jan 2018 which is very exciting.


December 2017 also closed with our performance of “Inside Out” at Omnibus theatre Clapham. See photos above. Created at The Wellbeing Day, mixing lived experience and story telling, a devised theatre production for 14 adults with a variety of support and access needs, the reviews were terrific.

Here are some comments from both cast and audience, as well as some performance shots. (below)

"I wanted to thank you with all my heart for the Wellbeing Day. You are fab and really do make people shine. I feel really lucky to be part of the magic that you bring: you got magic dust” “A lot of my achievements in 2017 were down to you” J cast member

"Thank you for allowing me to be part of the show. It has been very good for me” P cast member

"Really enjoyed the play - I brought a couple of service users with me - and one in particular became quite emotional - but was very cathartic for him. Powerful stuff!" Dawn Bracken Manager Lambeth Harbour

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